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My name is Rachel, I live in California, I'm 40, married for 15 years to Sean and have two dogs. My hobbies are my dogs Leo & Ferny, hiking, exploring, enjoying life.

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Khiori's Solitude

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings; Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine into flowers..."
~John Muir

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June 29, 2005

Jupiter, Virgo, Spica, Comet 9/P Tempel 1 and Deep Impact

This coming Sunday night, at about 10:49 pm to 10:55 pm on the west coast, Mission Deep Impact will release a probe to crash into the comet to learn more about what makes it. This should be really exciting. It will be visible with as little as binoculars. Even better if you have a telescope. But don't worry if you are in a city, out of range or under cloudy skies - it will be telecast via TVs and online.

A couple resources online: NASA site. If you want to there is also a nice outline for how to host your own comet party. And NASA has their own channel on DISH and DirecTv. Check out their site at NASA TV.


Oh yeah: The Impact is scheduled to occur at about 05:52 ±3min. UT 4 July 2005. (that means 10:52pm ±3 min on the west coast)

June 28, 2005

Pinnacles Peak Version 1

The day we went to the Pinnacles we had no intention of climbing it! We started off at about 1:30pm and my intent was to locate the path, explore the bottom land a bit and take pictures of local plants.

A big part of the walk was to take pictures of plants and later identify what they were. One of the first I found was the Sego Lily.

We climbed higher and I took pictures of the yucca in bloom. It smelled very nice.

It was around this point we realized we had come at least 1/2 way up the trail to the peak and figured we'd continue on a bit more. Still, I didn't think we would do the whole thing.

I thought I should put up a view shot here. A. is the trailhead near the Arrowhead Shooting Range. B. points out Highway 173 at the "bend" past Rock Camp. C. is approximately where our home is. We never really did figure out exactly where it was. And D. is San Gorgonio.

We continued and found these beautiful yellow flowers. I'm still trying to find out what they are. If you know, tell me please!

And we found another really pretty yucca flower stalk.

I sort of thought we had arrived at the peak. But it was just a first one. Beyond it was another small peak and then a much higher peak. I took a picture of this interesting looking deadwood at the first "false peak".

At about this point, we figured we would continue on to the very peak, even though we had not set out to do so on this particular day. We were only about 1/2 a mile from the top. We would reach the peak at 4pm after having set out at 1pm. It was 3.5 miles to the peak with a 1000 ft gain. We arrived at the peak and our breath was taken away with the views. We could see the desert, the mountains, the snow, Silverwood Lake, Strawberry Peak fire lookout, and so on. We watched butterflies chasing each other up in the sky. Lady bugs were every where. It was so pretty there.

It was getting late and I was worried about running into rattlesnakes on the trail. The day was getting cooler and dimmer. So we rested only about 30 minutes before heading on back down. We saw no snakes btw. The return 3.5 miles took us about 90 minutes. Half the time it took to get up.

We promised each other to return soon. Which we did on June 13th with some friends.

June 23, 2005

ok ok

Alright - before everyone leaves and never comes back, Yes I have been really busy. And Yes, I will get this site updated soon. Last time I tried that, we had an earthquake and I got woefully sidetracked. So as soon as I get my brains back together, I'll have some neat things to share. In the meantime, check out my new friend's site: Morton Peak Fire Lookout Volunteer

Now where was I . . . ?

Going back to my other entry - I was going to back up and recount some things that have been going on and get some photos up. So that will be on schedule for this week and next. There's so much to talk about, and things just keep happening. So, short entries with long extended entries for a while. I'll make another entry on the Pinnacles hike we took last month. Then mention a bit more when we returned this month.

I do want to return to Splinter's Cabin and see what ended up growing all over the place. We saw the buds but not the flowers. Although I think we might be too late in the season.

June 16, 2005


Yeah, I know. I haven't been updating lately. And it's not for a lack for things to talk about, that's for sure! Just haven't been motivated to put all the things together for presentations.

Lessee . . . We've hiked to the peak of the Pinnacles, went to an open house at the Ranger Station, went to San Jacinto and got BUGGED OUT, we hiked to a hidden sequoia grove (well, not really hidden), attended a friend's daughter's graduation party and walked Heap's Peak Arboretum. That's just for June. *thud*

And last night I had a dream .....

HOLY COW!!!! Just had a Monster Earthquake!!! BBL

Another web site concerning the Mountain Communities of the San Bernardino mountains. Thank you for visiting :o)

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