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My name is Rachel, I live in California, I'm 40, married for 15 years to Sean and have two dogs. My hobbies are my dogs Leo & Ferny, hiking, exploring, enjoying life.

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Khiori's Solitude

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings; Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine into flowers..."
~John Muir

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July 29, 2007

Brother 1034D Serger

I'm ordering one of these today :D

*edit I don't know why but the image and the link didn't seem to work. So check out the side bar under "Currently Buying" for a link to the machine. I'm fairly excited *glee*

July 21, 2007

101 Things, Week 2

Week two is over and I've made some progress.

Now off the list!

#71 Bottom floor has been steamed cleaned. At least as well as I could get it. Now to keep on top of it so it doesn't need so much later. Whew.

#96 The Luna Moth Shawl is finally blocked. It looks wonderful :)

Wow. That's it? I felt like I did so much more. But maybe it was all the research and compiling that made me feel more productive. Progress made on:

8. Lost a couple more pounds. 8.5 to go.
10. Decided on the serger I want. I will be getting a Brother 1034D from Amazon.com. They are up for grabs at only $232.72 w/free shipping. Woop.
24. The Perseids are due August 11 - 12th.
36. I have a toe up, Small Capitals sock on the needles. This will be one of five pairs I plan to do. I need to make some standard winter socks soon.
46. Found out where to get more t-shirts for my rug. At the dump store! They sell clothing for ~$1.00 for a 13 gal bag. I might make several rugs at that price!
52. Volunteer work : I was thinking of talking with the Mtn Top Volunteer leader about doing trail maintenance. Some of the trails I wanted to hike are closed due to lack of maintenance. This would be a good place to help out.
53. I'm almost done repairing Fern-atures. Dang it.
54. Still line drying clothes whenever possible. Which is mostly always possible.
55. Bramaking is in the works. I am studying up on how to get it going. I need to order patterns and supplies though.
63. Sent a thank you to a friend for their letter they sent when Solo died. I have three more to write.
77. This trail is currently closed due to lack of maintenance.
80. Raspberries will be in season August to October.
83. The Spanish and French podcasts are going well. I'm listening to six of each and trying to keep my languages straight lol.
94. I checked into CPR classes. They aren't scheduled currently. Unfortunately, they had one in June. Just missed it!
101. I have on request some garments to modify for Sew Much Comfort. I requested three polo shirts and three boxers.

Well, that's it for this week. Wish me luck for doing more next week!

July 16, 2007

I was right!

Looks like the Luna Moth Shawl's colors ran after all. It's a good thing I decided to be super careful and lay down plastic sheeting under the blocking towels. In any case, I soaked it 20 minutes in warm water and then carefully pinned it to size. I think it could have gone larger. In fact, I know it could have. But I just blocked it to the size recommended (75x46) I can't wait to see how it turns out dry :bounce: I'll take a picture once it's dried.

*edited to add - Now I'm beginning to wonder how long it is going to take for this to dry. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

July 13, 2007

For Jesse

Ok Jesse.....

Here's what you do. Right click on the link and then select "Save Target As" or "Save As" or "Save Link As" or some thing like that. It will bring up a dialog box that asks where you want to save it. Save it somewhere, then click "OK" or the closest equivalent.

Here is the link:
Jesse's File

101 Things, weekly update

Week one is just about over and I've made some progress!

I was surprised that I was able to get a couple things done already. But low hanging fruit, ya know? Easy peasy stuff. Although it's good to start in on things. I guess once things get committed to paper it's easier to keep your eye on the goal. Anyway, progress report:

#18 Just a matter of getting everything together in one place and spending time writing everything down. Pain in the butt but done. Now I just need to remember to use it ha ha

#19 Seems like an easy enough thing to do (go to church) but I have a real fear of driving the freeway. And church is 100 miles away. I finally just packed some stuff, extra clothes, jumped in the Explorer and went. Yay! First time's always the hardest. Sean and I figure it's been a good five years since I've driven the freeway. It was harrowing to say the least.

#37 Sean ordered me a teapot off ebay. We were going to pick it up at the post office on Wednesday so I told him to toss the old one in Wednesday morning's trash. The teapot is smaller than expected (much!) but still holds 5 1/2 cups of liquid. It is rather pretty though. I think we will adjust to the smaller size considering how pretty it is.

The Teapot:

#44 I finished the Wisp scarf last night. Yay! It's light and airy but holds warmth well. I look forward to using it on cooler summer nights. Now to find a new project for my needles. Probably socks. All but two pair have holes in them hee hee.

The Wisp:

#65 Low hanging fruit. It was a 'gimme' :D

#75 FINALLY! That was a monster job. Took about 6 hours. 2 of which were spent trying to unstick a stuck ratchet. A locker is something that Sean's wanted for a long time. I'm glad I was able to help. And looking back, it would have taken a LOOONNNGGG time for one person to do. I got pics around here somewhere. I was a greasy mess by the end of the day. I'm secretly glad the whole thing works though. I half expected it to fall apart on first driving LOL

Aussie Locker installed:

#96 Wove in the ends of the Luna Moth Shawl. I just need to block it now. My problem is that I'm not sure if the colors will run so I'm trying to think of a place to safely block it. I think what I will do is find a bed I can strip and block it on the mattress. That way if it *does* bleed, it shouldn't be a big deal. I wonder if I should lay down plastic first. Plastic then a towel? See? This is why it hasn't gotten finished yet.

Luna Moth ready to be blocked:

So this coming week, I'm still working on the on going stuff (like #8) but I have a number of things I can actively work on and probably complete.

Honorable mention: #83 Learn Spanish. I cruised around iTunes to find a Spanish 101 type class and found a really good one (Coffee Break Spanish). It is just what I needed. But I have to laugh at a couple things. Even though it has the perfect layout for learning (at least the way my brain works) it's for mainland Spain Spanish lol. I need Mexican Spanish! Oh and the other funny thing: It's hosted by a couple Scots :D At least they can roll their R's properly. I can't stand improper teaching of a foreign language - there's no point! Of course, I had to download a bunch of Learn French podcasts. I love French and really want to become conversational in that language too. I took several years in college but like other things in life - if you don't use it, you lose it. The one I am finding most helpful is The French Podcast hosted by a native French speaker. Much nicer than my American English native speaker college instructor.

July 07, 2007

101 things in 1001 days - Day 1

Day One begins of the monster list.

And here is the list.... Yikes. This is going to take some time to type up. Here we go:

1. Do the Grand Plan
2. Complete crocheted bedspread. (it's about 50% completed)
3. Complete Sunshine in Window quilt.
4. Complete Bear Claw quilt.
5. Complete "Star" quilt. Nov 2007, Gave this to Mom
6. Complete "Sail" quilt.
7. Do yoga for 28 consecutive days. (started 7/30/07)
8. Lose weight to 130 pounds. I did this - but gained it back LMAO.
9. Buy the Singer CE250.
10. Buy a serger. (Brother 1034D) 07/29/07
11. Read a Greek Play (The Oresteian Trilogy) (Ferny ate this book, I have to find a new one to read)
12. Fit my wedding ring.
13. Fit my old clothes.
14. Pay down credit card debt from X to Y.
15. Get Ferny spayed.
16. Get Ferny mircochipped.
17. Learn to swing dance (the Lindy)
18. Consolidate address books into one. 07/10/07
19. Go to church. 07/08/07
20. Learn to spin wool. I'm calling this one done because understand how and am able to do it. Although really badly, I can still do it! lol

21. Camp at Children's Forest.
22. Camp at Holcomb Valley.
23. Be a vegetarian for one week.
24. Watch a meteor storm. 08/12/07
25. Open an Etsy store.
26. Open my Zen cart.
27. Create Fernyfern.com
28. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
29. Make a compost pile. Too bad I have to abandon it / remove it soon.
30. Keep up on this blog (get to 400 posts) (202/400)
31. Keep up on my written journal.
32. Keep up on the podcast (make 30 casts) (6/30)
33. Buy a new journal (or use up all the ones that are 1/2 finished?) 08/09/07
34. Send Christmas cards.
35. Go on a financial diet. (reduce monthly expenses and food bills, etc - bring down monthly needs) We even turned off DirecTV!
36. Make myself 5 pairs of socks (3/5)
37. Buy a teapot. 07/11/07
38. Don't cuss for one week.
39. Do the Life Makeover.
40. Secret #1. *giggle snort*

41. Pay X toward credit cards (didn't I already list this one? If so, need to change it)
42. Cut waaay down on desserts (to 2 a week)
43. Establish 3 months of savings Holy canoli! We actually have this!
44. Knit a beautiful scarf (Wisp) 07/12/07
45. Use my yarn stash.
46. Knit a rug of old t-shirts (need 5 more shirts to cut up) 08/05/07
47. Crochet a rug of old sheets.
48. Visit 10 new places/hikes/trails on the mountain.
49. Weave three throw pillows.
50. Fill a sketch book.

51. Visit a museum (preferably fine arts, natural history or garden) Visited Olvera St, May 2008, we also visited the San Bernardino County Museum. Loved it!
52. Volunteer for one event or service (such as 4th of July community picnic or knit another prayer shawl. I know! Contact Forestry about helping restore some trails )
53. Repair damage that Ferny has done. (4/4) 7/31/07
54. Line dry as much as possible (to REDUCE power usage)
55. Learn to make my own bras.
56. Learn to make my own underwear.
57. Knit a shrug.
58. Learn batik and make something.
59. Put together fire/evac/earthquake kit(s).
60. Learn a song on the guitar.

61. Learn to play a song on the banjo (Will the Circle be Unbroken)
62. Secret #2. May 8, 2008
63. Write thank you cards to those who reached out when Solo died. 8/13/07
64. Keep up with my emails (reply within one week)
65. Finish this list. 07/07/07
66. Read "Care of the Soul".
67. Learn bobbin lace making.
68. Learn to make my own soap.
69. Keep Fern groomed.
70. Organize office paper work.
71. Steam clean bottom floor carpet. 07/20/07
72. Fix Spa (or something around the house)
73. Double the size of the vegetable garden. April 2008
74. Go to Disneyland. Sept 2009. I don't think we did it right. We'll have to do it again this year :D hee hee
75. Help Sean put a locker on the Explorer. 07/12/07
76. Hike to the Pinnacles.
77. Hike North Trail (Hospital to Splinter's Cabin) ( currently closed due to lack of maintainence, 2007)
78. Hike PCT from Splinter's Cabin to Devil's Hole.
79. Plant a cherry tree.
80. Go to Riley's Farm for raspberry picking.

81. Ride the metro.
82. Visit a Nat'l park, monument, whatever.
83. Learn Spanish. At least a little.
84. Go on a picnic. 08/14/07
85. Do something really cool for my 40th birthday. (Scotland??)
86. Do something really cool for our 15th anniversary.
87. Use canvas tote bags for grocery shopping and stop using their plastic/paper bags.
88. Stolen from drummbellina.livejournal.com : Put googly eyes on someone's eggs without them catching me.
89. Back up and clean my computer harddrives.
90. Buy local whenever possible.
91. Make a run to Hazardous Waste to drop off stuff. 2007 - (4/2010) time to do this one again!
92. Attend a local art show. 08/25/07
93. Go see a movie by myself.
94. Take a CPR class.
95. Opt out of paper offers.
96. Block and weave ends on (07/09/07) Luna Moth Shawl. 07/16/07
97. Develop my omgpod.com site. -let go
98. Join the Rim of the World Historical Society.
99. Go to Santa Fe, NM.
100. Discover a great SciFi writer (new to me, k?)
101. Sew three things for Sew Much Comfort. Sept 2007, need to mail now heh.

And there you have it. One down. 100 to go. Wish me luck! I think I can hit two more this weekend.

July 05, 2007

Revisiting lists and such

It's kind of funny how certain personality types have a tendency to compartmentalize parts of their lives. It goes back into a tendency to mircomanage either parts or all of one's life. I'm no exception! That being said.... I'm nearly done with my 101 things to do in 1001 days. I will post it up once I'm finished and get a countdown clock going. I might even write a bit about why I chose the items on the list. I might even post about the completion of items. We shall see.... 1001 days is a long time.

*edited to add. Holy cow. I just calculated the end date. I thought I would start it on this Saturday. Bit of silliness I suppose but 07/07/07 sounded like a neat place to start. Here's the calculation:
From date: Saturday, July 7, 2007
Added 1001 days
Resulting date: Saturday, April 3, 2010

On another note - I just saw Ferny through my un-glasseded eyes chewing on something. I freaked cause it looked like one of my rubber slippers. (It wasn't) They are in very good condition still yet. I bought them on my last trip to Hawaii... in Feb of 1987! They are just over 20 years old!!

July 03, 2007

101 things in 1001 days

Ever hear of this? Well, I think I'm going to give it a shot. So look for my list in a week or so. In the meantime, if you want to join too, check out the site:
101 things in 1001 days

I think some will be too personal to put online but rest assured they will be on a list IRL lol

July 01, 2007

July already?

Oh my. I can't believe it is July already. The year is half gone. Some how that both surprises me and depresses me. The days and weeks just melt into one another and before you know it months have passed. Ugh.

In other news, Sean went wheeling this weekend with his Explorer friends. They all had a lot of fun and no one crashed up their vehicle. I'm glad he was able to go and enjoy himself. A pic, if you will....

Cleghorn 6-30 004.jpg

I wonder if that will work... It's part of the "upload" feature of Movable Type....

Another web site concerning the Mountain Communities of the San Bernardino mountains. Thank you for visiting :o)

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